Suzanne Bilbe Taylor

About BTF Lawyers

BTF Lawyers was founded by Suzanne Bilbe-Taylor on 1st August 2011. Later that year it became a husband and wife practice when Paul Foster joined Suzanne to bring together not only their legal skills, but also their many years of experience of dealing with people in need. Suzanne holds numerous qualifications as a nurse practitioner and teacher and Paul as a policeman and an administrator of a charity.

So, if you are looking for law firms or trying to find a lawyer in the Sydney NSW area, look no further. Your efforts to find a lawyer end here. Together they strive to provide their clients with a high level of legal knowledge and practice.

They strive to put their clients first and will visit clients in their homes or other convenient locations.

They will endeavor to offer fixed fee litigation on the majority of matters so that the client will always know how much a matter is going to cost.



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