Debt Recovery Lawyers


Are you looking for a debt recovery lawyer? The team at BTF Lawyers are skilled at pursuing the most efficient and effective legal avenues to recover your debts. Our team of debt recovery lawyers, act for individual and corporate clients. BTF Lawyers understand that your decision to commence debt recovery proceedings involves a delicate balancing act, weighing up the costs of debt recovery and the prospects of getting paid. BTF Lawyers will provide you with the advice you need to make your informed decision.

Trying to recovery your debt yourself may result in you throwing good money after bad.  At times the court fees or lodgement fees may turn you off pursuing your money.  Many clients are unaware that all costs associated with court and lodgements are paid for by the debtor when judgment is against then.

Once you instruct BTF Lawyers our carefully drafted letter of demand often has the debt paid. However if it remains unpaid BTF Lawyers will act immediately and commence proceedings in the appropriate court.

BTF Lawyers will offer you a fixed fee for your debt recovery matters.