Wills & Probate Lawyer


BTF Lawyers andĀ solicitorsĀ in Sydney can assist you in the preparation of wills and assist with probate or letters of administration.

A Will is a document which allocates your assets upon your death. The preparation of a Will is very important, and we will draft a Will to represent your wishes, from basic Wills to very complex Wills. Wills should be revised from time to time, particularly when significant changes occur in the family, whether personally (e.g. birth, death, illness, separation, divorce, remarriage etc.) or in the commercial sense.

A Will can be made in contemplation of your marriage, divorce or re-marriage. Unless specifically provided for in the Will, marriage will automatically revoke any existing Will, and divorce may achieve a similar result.

We can advise you as to what approach will be of benefit to you. So contact us on 9238 2140 and we can help you prepare your Will and preserve your assets.

After the death of a person and where there is a valid Will it may be necessary for the Executor of the deceased to apply to the Supreme Court of NSW for a Grant of Probate. BTF Lawyers can assist the beneficiary/s to determine if that is required and act for the if it is.

BTF Lawyers will provide advise to ensure that a person seeking release of assets (e.g. bank accounts) has authority to deal with them, and to protect themselves against possible liability for handing assets to the wrong person, asset holders (e.g. banks, insurance companies or superannuation funds etc.) may require probate before releasing or transferring assets.

BTF Lawyers can prepare the relevant documents for you or assist you to carry out your obligations as an Executor/Trustee so call them on 9238 2140 for your obligation free consultation.